Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Harlem Writer welcomes A Love For All Times Virtual Book Tour

Our exciting virtual tour stop for today is at Harlem Writer’s blog where he responds to my question: Other than a physical relationship, what are some other aspects men want in a relationship?

It was more than, Victoria Bennett’s great looks and body that intrigued AJ Baptiste and made him want her for his own in When A Man Loves A Woman. So check out what this blogger has to say about what men want; join the discussion!

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So who is Harlem Writer?

Kendall Williams is originally from the Southwest. He relocated to the East Coast to pursue the bright lights of Broadway and off-Broadway, after a successful acting start in Houston theatre, print ad campaigns, and national McDonald’s commercials. He made the transition from actor to writer when he saw the dearth of quality roles for African American and other minority performers in the city that’s purported to be the melting pot of the world.

He’s a Freelance Writer and Editor in NYC. His feature articles, film, and dance reviews have appeared online and in print magazines. He’s the founder, workshop leader, and a participant in Morningside Writers Group. When not writing or editing, he enjoys rollerblading in Central Park and dancing barefoot with the West African drummers and dancers in the spring and summer.

He’s building his brand as a media critic and reviewer for online and print media outlets including his regular column on Stay tuned for the launch of Keneritz Media, a multimedia production company that will offer short film and documentary editing services, script development and coverage, media mentoring, and eventually film production and distribution.

Until next time - stay well and be blessed!

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