Monday, June 2, 2008

VBT Day 1 - Join me at Divine Caroline

It's day 1 of my Virtual Book Tour and my first stop is at Divine Caroline where I not only get to talk about my new book, When a Man Loves a Woman and its main characters, but I also get to talk about those challenges I face as a wife, mother, and new writer too!

So what is DivineCaroline?

At DivineCaroline, you'll be spending time with women who embrace the fact that life isn't always easy or beautiful or fair. It is an online community for women to come together and express themselves and talk about: what brings them joy; breaks their hearts; makes them giggle; what pisses them off; what confuses them; what entertains them and ultimately - what keeps them strong!

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Cheryl said...

This is an awesome site that gets loads of traffic. I love it because it keeps women connected.