Thursday, June 19, 2008

VBT Day 14 - Hanging out with Connie Briscoe

Hi Everyone:

There are a lot of emotions racing through me this morning. I'm spending the day with one of the best, New York Times author, Connie Briscoe.

Connie has written both fiction and nonfiction and her titles have hit most of the major bestseller lists including the New York Times and Essence magazine. She's always humble when she says s "I'm still trying to figure it all out." Well, I can explain it for her - she's a darn good author. Anyway, she's got this really cool blog and hares what she knows about writing and promoting books.

Thanks Connie for being a true professional and a great icon in the literary world.

Have a great day!!!

Until next time, stay well and be blessed.

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