Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Review Drama

Here we go, again!!

Folks, the drama involving reviews has reared it's ugly head.

Today, I found this post on Dear Author. Allegations have surfaced that favorable reviews from Affair de Couer are predicated on advertisement purchased by the publisher and in some instances, the author. And it ain't a Black thing, either. Romantic Times got slammed, too.

Whether the allegations involving ADC and RT are true or not, is not my beef with the entire review process. When will everybody finally understand the true purpose of reviews and the role of reviewers? You don't buy good reviews, you earn them!! How? By writing the best doggone story possible. And you don't get mad with a reviewer and pout if you receive a less than favorable review from them. Reviews are ONE, let me repeat, ONE person's opinion.

A couple of months ago, I referenced some other issues relative to reviews in my monthly post on Blogging In Black. Granted, I've only been in the literary arena for a short time, but I swear I learn something new everyday.

Someone help me out, pleasse. Am I out the box on this one??

Until next time - stay well and be blessed!!


bettye griffin said...

That reminds me . . . I never did get around to purchasing the issue that contains a review of Once Upon A Project . . .

vickiwe said...

Hey LaConnie,

I think that reviews are used as a guide to demonstrate an author's ability to write a good story. Is the guide always accurate? No. Do I always follow the guide? No. There has been plenty of times one of my favorite romance authors received a less than stellar review. What did I do? I brought my book and enjoyed it like I knew I would!

As you stated a review is one person's opinion. Let's give readers enough credit to judge what is a pleasurable read to them.

Victoria Wells

shelia said...

A review is only one person’s opinion. Most reviews aren't personal and if they are, readers are smart enough to figure it out.

Reference paying for reviews, everyone have their preferences. As for me, I don't pay for reviews. To me paying for a review is the equivalent of buying an ad. If I am going to buy an ad, the ad will be a positive reflection of the product I'm trying to sell.

Iris B. said...

Hey LaConnie;
You are not alone on this one. A review should not be based on $$ from a publisher or an individual. To keep the integrity of art it's important for reviews to be as honest as possible. Readers deserve nothing less.

I value the opinion of some reviewers but I don't allow anyone to stop me from reading the books that interest me.

As for reviews on my novels, I want honest feedback. That's the only way I can improve.
(Wait---let me think about that, sometimes honesty can be brutal.)

LaConnie said...

"I never did get around to purchasing the issue that contains a review of Once Upon A Project . . ."

Hi Bettye:

Lady, you are too funny!!

I believe we think a lot alike.


LaConnie said...

Hi Victoria:

Thanks for the insight.

And I think you're dead on the money - readers aren't given a lot of credit for what they chose to read and a not-so-good review doesn't mean they won't purchase the book.

Different stokes for different folks.

Take good care

LaConnie said...

Hi Shelia:


Glad to know I'm not the only one with the same sentiment on reviews!!

Take good care,

LaConnie said...

Hi Iris:

You brought up the operative word in all of this: 'honesty'.

As authors, sometimes we don't know what areas we need to improve upon, unless we get that candid feedback.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!


Michelle Monkou said...

Your reaction to a review (as an author) is based on what your expectations were.

I don't like bad reviews - don't care how accurate they may be. It's like calling my child ugly. However, do I go on a rant - no! Do I lose sleep - Hell to the no!

I love good reviews - even if they are over the top. I like my ego stroked.

I don't use a reviewer to help me write better. I use my critique group and insights that I get from authors' workshops for that. I'm not here to write for the whim of one person, regardless of how eloquent they can pen a 25-word review.

As a reader, do I pay attention to reviews. It depends. If three or more reviewers slam a book, then I'm not likely to pick it up. But here's the thing, I usually don't go hunting down three reviewers' opinion on a book. I will do that with a movie, but a book - not likely. If I like a particular author, I'll read all her books. And I'm extremely loyal to an author. Kind of my obession with Coke. Don't sneak me a Pepsi when I specifically asked for a Coke.

So for all the authors who are on my must read list, you don't have to worry about a reviewer's opinion with me.


LaConnie said...

Hi Michelle:

Thanks so much for weighing in!!

You bring up some excellent points, Sis.

And you're on my 'author' list.

Take good care. . .